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Judaic Jewelry Handmade by a Local Artisan! Ahava Jewelry

The Hebrew Alphabet

Gold & Sterling Judaic Bracelets for Mommy & Grandma too...

The Hebrew block letters are 5.5mm with the Hebrew letters on all 4 sides. You may also add Swarovski crystals, real semi-precious gemstones and/or pearls to any of my bracelet or necklace designs. Options: 1-string - 2 strings - 3 strings - 4 strings & 5-strings. All orders placed today will be sent out the next business day. Call or email me with questions (615) 490-2177. I have 100's of charm options... here are 6 Judaic Charms - Menora, Star of David, Chai, Hamsa Charms and Pendants


Hebrew Alphabet Bracelet with all the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet Bracelet with all the letters in the Hebrew Alphabet.
AJ-G1 Gold & Sterling Birthstone Mother Bracelet with Star of David Charm and Birthstone Charms
Hebrew Name Mothers Bracelet - $99
AJ-G4 Gold & Sterling Birthstone Mother Bracelet with Pearls and Birtshtones  with Star of David Charm. Shown with a Hamsa Hand charm.
Silver, Gold, Pearls & Crystals - $99+
Hannah Sarah and David Gold Mother Bracelet
Silver & Gold Mothers Bracelet - $99+
AJG6- Gold Bubbe Bracelet with Birthstone and Pearls.
Bubbe Bracelet/Grandma Bracelet - $89+

Family or Mishpacha Bracelet with Star of David charm - This can also be made into a necklace
Gold & Sterling Hebrew Initials Bracelet - $99+
RACHEL in Hebrew with no gemstones - AJ-Gem1
Bali Hebrew Name Bracelet - $99+
Gold Hebrew Initials Bracelet with NANA and grandkids' initials. Shown with a Puffed Heart Charm.
Hebrew Monogram Bracelet - $99+
This bracelet could have up to 3 names per string with this design. It is shown with 2 names per string. Everything is either 14k gold-filled, .925 sterling silver and potato shaped off-white Fresh Water Pearls.
Gold & Pearl Name Bracelet - $99+

AJ-S6 - Bubbe & Grandchild's Name Bracelet - 2 Hebrew NamesThis Bubbe bracelet shows Bubbe in Hebrew and Yehuda (her grandson's Hebrew name). Shown with a lobster clasp with an extension and an add-on Star of David charm.
Bubbe and Grandkid's Name - $69
JBL-AJ-S10 Angela in Hebrew on this Sterling Silver and Birthstone Crystal Bracelet
Sterling & Swarovski Crystals - $69+
JBL-AJ-SS11 shown with ANGELA. They added a Hamsa Hand charm and a Birthstone Crystal Dangle
Simple Hebrew Name Bracelet - $59+

DBL-SSP-1 Name(s): JACK & HALEY shown. 10 letters/numbers/symbols, 0 spacer beads, 2 charms (football and megaphone), 2 birthstone crystal dangles

Snake Bracelet - $39-$299

JBL-AJ-S4 Peace and Love are written in Hebrew on this 2 string bracelet.
Ahava Bracelet - $69+
Safta - It's A Girl - Bubbe - It's a Boy
Safta or Savta Bracelet - $69+
Bet Vuv Bet Ayin Bracelet (right to left)  Bubbe Gift Ideas Shown with a toggle clasp and an add-on Star of David charm.
Bubbe Bracelet/Grandma Bracelet - $69+
AJ-S1 - This mother name bracelet is in Hebrew and shown with a Star of David charm, Chai charm and a Birthstone Crystal Dangle.
Hebrew Name Bracelet - $59+

AJ-S7 - This mother name bracelet is in Hebrew and shown with a Star of David charm.
NOAH Mother Bracelet
$59+ AJ-S7
AJ-S8 this Hebrew Mother bracelet is shown with 3 names and each childs' birthstone crystals before and after their names.
Hebrew Family Name Bracelet
$79+ AJ-S8
Hebrew Pandora style Bracelet
Hebrew Pandora Style
$87 AJ-Pandora3
Bali Mothers Bracelet with ARON in Hebrew
Bali Mothers Bracelet
$99+ AJ-S9

Lapis Lazuli Heftzi-Vah Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Heftzi-Vah Bracelet
$59 AJ-LL1
Bet Vuv Bet Ayin Bracelet (right to left) Perfect Bubbe Gift Ideas with 4 BirthstonesShown with an upgraded Heart Lobster Clasp and July or Ruby Birthstone Crystals.
Bubbe Bracelet Birthstones
$69+ AJ-S6-Bubbe-4birthstones
This Gold Bubbe Bracelet says Bubbe in English. We can spell it any way you would like... Bubby, Bubbie, Bube and I can also put Bubbe in Yiddish.
BUBBE in English Bracelet
$89 AJ-S6-Gold
Sterling Silver Prayer Box Bracelet with Initials

Simple Prayer Box Bracelet $79 AJ-PB2

Payten Pearl and Sterling silver Mother and Daughter Bracelets - AJ-P1
Pearl & Sterling
$69 AJ-Pearl-1
Lilly Katherine and Lilly matching Mother & Daughter Pearl and Gemtone Bracelets AJ-P2
Pearl & Gemstone
$79 AJ-Pearl-2
Savta means grandmother in Hebrew.
"Savta" is the "correct" form for "grandmother".  סבתא 
"Safta" is the informal pronunciation when meaning "grandma". סאפטה
Savta Snake Bracelet
$55 AJ-Pandora4

AJ-G3 Gold Hebrew Bracelet - Noah Walks with God

Gold Walks with God
$99 AJ-G3

"Linda received her bracelet yesterday. With blizzards in CO, mail was delayed 2 days, but finally arrived in her box yesterday. She LOVES it, and it's the perfect size. She put it on immediately and said that she will not take it off. Period! She leaves for Israel Tuesday, and is so excited to be wearing this during her travel, and when she will present a new business plan, before YHWH at the Wall. 
Thank you so much! What a blessing."

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The Hebrew Alphabet
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