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סבתא or Savta Sterling Silver Ball Chain Necklace

David in Hebrew on a sterling silver ball chain necklace - AJ-N-Ball5.5mm

Safta or Savta in Hebrew - Hebrew Safta Necklace (sterling silver)

סבתא Savta Ball Chain Necklace - $41 (Hebrew) or $45 (English)

Item: AJ-N-Ball-Savta

This is an 18" - .925 sterling silver Ball Chain Hebrew Savta Necklace with 5 (five) - 5.5mm English (or Hebrew) block letters on a beautiful sterling silver ball chain. We have lots of special characters to choose from; Blank/Spacer, Cross, Question Mark, Heart,Flower, Colon, Ampersand and Star of David blocks. The price of the name necklace depends on the number of letters, number or symbols (characters) you choose. Count the spacer blocks as ONE "letter".

Savta means grandmother in Hebrew.
"Savta" is the "correct" form for "grandmother". 
"Safta" is the informal pronunciation when meaning "grandma".
Grandmother in Hebrew is סבתא (savta) 

Materials: .925 sterling silver

Spacer Beads, Blank, Cross, Question Mark, Heart, Flower, Colon, Ampersand, Star of David, Smooth Round Large Hole Bead

These Hebrew Name Necklaces are priced depending on the number of letter blocks and spacers. The necklace starts at $29 with 1 letter block. Letter, Number and Special Character Pricing: 1- $29, 2- $33, 3- $37, 4- $41, 5- $45, 6- $49, 7- $53, 8- $57, 9- $61, 8- s $65, 11- $69, 12- $73, 13- $77, 14- $81, 15- $85, 16- $89, 17- $93, 18- $97, 19- $101, 20- $105, 21- $109, 22- $113, 23- $117, 24- $121, 25- $125.

Ball Chain Necklace with סבתא or Savta - $45

Enter Name(s), Date(s) or Saying: e.g. Bet Vuv Bet Ayin, (flower) ASHLEY (flower), AJ (blank) TJ  

Choose Language and Size of Letter Blocks:
5.5mm Hebrew
5.5mm English

Choose number of "letters" (letters/symbols/numbers) written above: (price includes 18" necklace)
Savta in English is 5 letters. Safta in Hebrew is 4 letters:

Sterling Silver Spacer Balls - sterling silver smooth round bead
*Spacer balls will be added for free between names or words with 3 or more characters.*

Add Gift Wrap:

Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)

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"Linda received her bracelet yesterday. With blizzards in CO, mail was delayed 2 days, but finally arrived in her box yesterday. She LOVES it, and it's the perfect size. She put it on immediately and said that she will not take it off. Period! She leaves for Israel Tuesday, and is so excited to be wearing this during her travel, and when she will present a new business plan, before YHWH at the Wall. 
Thank you so much! What a blessing."

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