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Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale - 5.5mm sterling silver
Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale

Hebrew Family Name Bracelet in 14k Gold/Sterling

Gold Hebrew name Bracelet
Item: AJ-S8GOLD-1string bracelet shown with 1 add-on - a Puffed Heart Charm.

6 name hebrew name mother bracelet with birthstone crystals
Item: AJ-S8GOLD-2string bracelet shown with 6 names and a toggle clasp.

Family Hebrew Name Bracelet - $99+


This 14k Gold-Filled Hebrew Name Bracelet shown is a 1-string bracelet with 2 sets of initials and then NANA. The next picture is of a 2 string bracelet with 6 kids'names... 3 on each string for Grandma. You may order up to 5 strings on this page. You may also add Swarovski crystals in birthstone colors before and after the names. Everything shown is.925 sterling silver and 14k Gold-Filled.

Go to this design in all .925 Sterling Silver

Swarovski Crystals:
Color Options
(Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Yel, Blk, Tea, Gry, Pur, Pea)

Please Enter Name(s):
You may add Swarovski crystals (for free) before and after the name(s). To add crystals please enter: Birthmonth/NAME/Birthmonth e.g. Aug/BAS/Aug - May/Aria/May - Sep/Moshe/Sep
1st string:  (up to 9 letters)
2nd string:  (up to 18 letters)
3rd string:  (up to 27 letters)
4th string:  (up to 36 letters)
5th string:  (up to 45 letters)
Hebrew Alefbet or English Alphabet

Choose number of strings:

1-string ($79) - up to 9 letters free
2-strings ($158) - up to 18 letters free
3-strings ($237) - up to 27 letters free
4-strings ($316) - up to 36 letters (comes with a slide clasp)
5-strings ($395) - up to 48 letters
(comes with a slide clasp)

OPTIONAL: Do you need to add additional block letters to your order?

Toggle, Lobster or Slide Clasp? (pictures of clasps)

Measure your wrist and add 3/4".
Choose your size:   

You may add additional items to your bracelet order (or skip down to the ADD TO CART button)...

Add a charm to this bracelet (pictures of charms)
Add a charm:
Add a charm:
Add a charm:

Add Birthstone Crystal Dangles (TM) or Gemstone Dangles
Swarovski Crystal Colors
Add a dangle:
Add another dangle:

(sterling silver) Size: Width: 3/7" - Height: 1/3"

In Memory, Hope, Survivor, Courage Beads

Add 14k gold-filled beads:
Add corrdinating earrings:

Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)
Add matching 18" Sterling Silver Necklace* (+ $89) Save $8 if you add a necklace to your bracelet order!

Add Gift Wrap -


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Monogram Bracelet
AJ-S8 (1 string)
Name/Crystals: Bet,Yud,Lamed,Aleph/Jan - Pey,Nun,Yud,Nun,Hey/Oct - Shin,Lamed,Vuv,Mem/Feb
Clasp: Lobster Claw Clasp (free)
Star of David (optional- not included in price)

*Note: This 7 1/2" bracelet with 3 names can only hold 3 names
(13 letters) when you include the free birthstone crystals.

~ ~ ~

3 name hebrew name bracelet
AJ-S8-1 string
Devorah Blema Happy 60th!
1 string bracelet shown with free Swarovski crystals and 2 add-on charms; Hamsa Hand and Star of David.
They also added a Heavy Heart Toggle clasp. Size: 7 1/2"

~ ~ ~

2 string Hebrew Name Bracelet shown with 5 Hebrew names
AJ-S8-2 string
Two String Hebrew Name Bracelet with 5 names and a lobster claw clasp. (No Swarovski Crystals)

~ ~ ~

5 string Hebrew Name Bracelet with 5 Hebrew names
AJ-S8-5 strings
5 Name/ 5 String bracelet with 2 add-on charms; boy praying and girl praying.

~ ~ ~

Erik in Hebrew and English with Star of David charm
ERIK In Hebrw and English

One string bracelet with Erik in both Hebrew and English with a Lobster claw clasp and a add-on Star of David charm..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This design is also available in 14k gold.
Call or email to order this bracelet in gold.

Gold Hebrew name Bracelet

6 name hebrew name mother bracelet with birthstone crystals