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Hebrew Family Name Bracelet in 14k Gold/Sterling

Gold Hebrew name Bracelet
Item: AJ-S8GOLD-1string bracelet shown with 1 add-on - a Puffed Heart Charm.

6 name hebrew name mother bracelet with birthstone crystals
Item: AJ-S8GOLD-2string bracelet shown with 6 names and a toggle clasp.

Family Hebrew Name Bracelet - $99+


This 14k Gold-Filled Hebrew Name Bracelet shown is a 1-string bracelet with 2 sets of initials and then NANA. The next picture is of a 2 string bracelet with 6 kids'names... 3 on each string for Grandma. You may order up to 5 strings on this page. You may also add Swarovski crystals in birthstone colors before and after the names. Everything shown is.925 sterling silver and 14k Gold-Filled.

Go to this design in all .925 Sterling Silver

Swarovski Crystals:
Color Options
(Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Yel, Blk, Tea, Gry, Pur, Pea)

Please Enter Name(s):
You may add Swarovski crystals (for free) before and after the name(s). To add crystals please enter: Birthmonth/NAME/Birthmonth e.g. Aug/BAS/Aug - May/Aria/May - Sep/Moshe/Sep
1st string:  (up to 9 letters)
2nd string:  (up to 18 letters)
3rd string:  (up to 27 letters)
4th string:  (up to 36 letters)
5th string:  (up to 45 letters)
Hebrew Alefbet or English Alphabet

Choose number of strings:

1-string ($79) - up to 9 letters free
2-strings ($158) - up to 18 letters free
3-strings ($237) - up to 27 letters free
4-strings ($316) - up to 36 letters (comes with a slide clasp)
5-strings ($395) - up to 48 letters
(comes with a slide clasp)

OPTIONAL: Do you need to add additional block letters to your order?

Toggle, Lobster or Slide Clasp? (pictures of clasps)

Measure your wrist and add 3/4".
Choose your size:   

You may add additional items to your bracelet order (or skip down to the ADD TO CART button)...

Add a charm to this bracelet (pictures of charms)
Add a charm:
Add a charm:
Add a charm:

Add Birthstone Crystal Dangles (TM) or Gemstone Dangles
Swarovski Crystal Colors
Add a dangle:
Add another dangle:

(sterling silver) Size: Width: 3/7" - Height: 1/3"

In Memory, Hope, Survivor, Courage Beads

Add 14k gold-filled beads:
Add corrdinating earrings:

Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)
Add matching 18" Sterling Silver Necklace* (+ $89) Save $8 if you add a necklace to your bracelet order!

Add Gift Wrap -


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Monogram Bracelet
AJ-S8 (1 string)
Name/Crystals: Bet,Yud,Lamed,Aleph/Jan - Pey,Nun,Yud,Nun,Hey/Oct - Shin,Lamed,Vuv,Mem/Feb
Clasp: Lobster Claw Clasp (free)
Star of David (optional- not included in price)

*Note: This 7 1/2" bracelet with 3 names can only hold 3 names
(13 letters) when you include the free birthstone crystals.

~ ~ ~

3 name hebrew name bracelet
AJ-S8-1 string
Devorah Blema Happy 60th!
1 string bracelet shown with free Swarovski crystals and 2 add-on charms; Hamsa Hand and Star of David.
They also added a Heavy Heart Toggle clasp. Size: 7 1/2"

~ ~ ~

2 string Hebrew Name Bracelet shown with 5 Hebrew names
AJ-S8-2 string
Two String Hebrew Name Bracelet with 5 names and a lobster claw clasp. (No Swarovski Crystals)

~ ~ ~

5 string Hebrew Name Bracelet with 5 Hebrew names
AJ-S8-5 strings
5 Name/ 5 String bracelet with 2 add-on charms; boy praying and girl praying.

~ ~ ~

Erik in Hebrew and English with Star of David charm
ERIK In Hebrw and English

One string bracelet with Erik in both Hebrew and English with a Lobster claw clasp and a add-on Star of David charm..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This design is also available in 14k gold.
Call or email to order this bracelet in gold.

Gold Hebrew name Bracelet

6 name hebrew name mother bracelet with birthstone crystals

Linda received her bracelet yesterday. With blizzards in CO, mail was delayed 2 days, but finally arrived in her box yesterday. She LOVES it, and it's the perfect size. She put it on immediately and said that she will not take it off. Period! She leaves for Israel Tuesday, and is so excited to be wearing this during her travel, and when she will present a new business plan, before YHWH at the Wall. 
Thank you so much! What a blessing. 

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