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Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale - 5.5mm sterling silver
Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale

Hebrew Name Jewelry (bracelets)

Bali Style Bracelets with REAL Gemstones

Item: AJ-Gem1

You choose Hebrew or English block letters, charms, toggles and more!

Daughter in Hebrew Bracelet - Daughter written in Hebrew block letters
Alexandra and Christian Mothers Bracelets  with dangles and charms
Beautiful Hebrew Gemstone Bracelet with 2 kids names - Mother Bracelet

Real Gemstone Options

  • Garnet Beads (January Birthstone)
  • Amethyst Beads (February Birthstone)
  • Aquamarine Beads (March Birthstone)
  • Clear Quartz (April)
  • Green Mtn Jade (May)
  • Pearls (June Birthstone)
  • Red Swarovski Crystal (July)
  • Peridot Beads (August Birthstone)
  • Blue Agate (September)
  • Pink Malaysia Jade (October)
  • Citrine Beads (November Birthstone)
  • Turquoise Beads (December)

Also available with Cat's Eye Beads

Esther in Hebrew Bracelet
AJ-Gem1-Baby Naming Ceremony Bracelet

Bluma Gitel Good Flower

Bluma Gitel in Hebrew means Good Flower