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Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale - 5.5mm sterling silver
Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale

MISHPACHA is spelled משפחה in hebrew

Mishpacha is Hebrew for "family" משפחה ‎

How do you spell family in Hebrew? You choose the colors. You can do birth month colors of the family members or your favorite color (s).

Noun: 1. mishpocha - (Yiddish) the entire family network of relatives by blood or marriage (and sometimes close friends); "she invited the whole mishpocha". The word conveys a warm feeling of friendship.

Alternative Spellings of mishpacha: mishpocheh, mushpuche, mishpokhe

משפחה ‎

Swarovski Crystals Color Options

We have 18 crystal colors to choose from. You may pick more than one color representing all the kids and grandkids on this family bracelet design.

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