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Peace Love Joy in Hebrew Bracelet - AJ-PLJ1

Peace Love and Joy Bracelet Gallery

I can personalize and customize all of my designs. I love what I get to do every day!

Peace Love Joy written in Hebrew

Peace - Shalom -שלו ם Shin, Lamed, Vuv, Final Mem

Love - Ahava -אהבה Aleph Hey Bet Hey

Joy - Simcha (Happiness) - שמחה Shin, Mem, Chet, Hey

Hebrew has several words for JOY, each with different shades of meaning.
'Simcha' - means happiness in the most full sense.
'Gila' is a stronger sensation of joy but more transient and worldly
'rina' is a joy related to singing and shouting.
'ditza' is joy related to dancing.
'hanaah' enjoyment of a particular thing.