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Peace Love Joy in Hebrew Bracelet - AJ-PLJ1

Peace Love and Joy Bracelet Gallery

I can personalize and customize all of my designs. I love what I get to do every day!

Peace Love Joy written in Hebrew

Peace - Shalom -שלו ם Shin, Lamed, Vuv, Final Mem

Love - Ahava -אהבה Aleph Hey Bet Hey

Joy - Simcha (Happiness) - שמחה Shin, Mem, Chet, Hey

Hebrew has several words for JOY, each with different shades of meaning.
'Simcha' - means happiness in the most full sense.
'Gila' is a stronger sensation of joy but more transient and worldly
'rina' is a joy related to singing and shouting.
'ditza' is joy related to dancing.
'hanaah' enjoyment of a particular thing.


Linda received her bracelet yesterday. With blizzards in CO, mail was delayed 2 days, but finally arrived in her box yesterday. She LOVES it, and it's the perfect size. She put it on immediately and said that she will not take it off. Period! She leaves for Israel Tuesday, and is so excited to be wearing this during her travel, and when she will present a new business plan, before YHWH at the Wall. 
Thank you so much! What a blessing. 

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