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Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale - 5.5mm sterling silver
Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale

72 Names (Angels) of God Jewelry

72 names of GOD

Names (Angels) of God Jewelry

Here is listing of a few of the Power's or Choir of Virtues from the 72 names (Angels) of God. I collected this information from deferent sources in books and on the interent. Please let me know if I missed anything. (There are varying 'spellings' of each letter.)

These letter blocks can be worn on a necklace or a bracelet for a man or a woman. The blocks are 5.5mm sterling silver with letters on all 4 sides.

Necklace or Bracelet?

You may choose any necklace or bracelet design on this website and put the Hebrew Letters on it. If a name is not listed below let me know and I can look it up for you.

Yud Lumed Yud 2

Yud Lumed Yud

Kabbalah Recaputuring the Sparks




Tet Yud Samech 3

Sumech Yud Tet

Kabbalah Miracle Makiing / Marvel




Final Mem Lamed Ayin 4

Ayin Lumed Final Mem

Kabbalah Eliminating Negative Thoughts




Hey Hey mem 5

Mem Hey Shin

Kabbalah Healing




Tuv Hey Kuf 8

Kuf Hey Tuv

Kabbalah Defusing Negative Energy & Stress




Dalet Lumed Aleph 8

Aleph Lumed Dulet

Kabbalah Protection from the Evil Eye




Ayin Hey Hey 12

Hey Hey Ayin

Kabbalah Unconditional Love




Final Mem Qof Hey 16

Hey Qof Final Mem

Kabbalah Dumping Depression




Yud Lumed Yud 18

Kuf Lumed Yud

Kabbalah Fertility




Lumed Hey Pey 20

Pey Hey Lumed

Kabbalah Victory over Addictions




Hey Tuv Nun 25

Nun Tuv Hey

Kabbalah Speak Your Mind




Hey Aleph Hey 28

Shin Aleph Hey

Kabbalah Soul Mate




Qof Vuv Kuf 35

Qof Vuv Kuf

Kabbalah Sexual Energy




Dalet Nun mem 36

Mem Nun Dulet

Kabbalah Fearless




Zayin Yud Yud 40

Yud Yud Zayin

Kabbalah Speaking The Right Words




Hey Hey Hey 41

Hey Hey Hey

Kabbalah Self-esteem




Lumed Aleph Lumed 45

Sumech Aleph Lumed

Kabbalah The Power of Prosperity




Lumed Hey Ayin 47

Ayin Shin Lumed

Kabbalah Global Transformation




Hey Yud mem 48

Mem Yud Hey

Kabbalah Unity




Vuv Hey Vuv 49

Vuv Hey Vuv

Kabbalah Happiness




Final Mem mem Ayin 52

Ayin Mem Mem

Kabbalah Passion




Hey bet mem 55

Mem Bet Hey

Kabbalah Thought into Action




Yud Vuv Vuv 56

Pey Vuv Yud

Kabbalah Dispelling Anger




Lumed Yud Yud 58

Yud Yud Lumed

Kabbalah Letting Go




Vuv Nun Ayin 63

Ayin Nun Vuv

Kabbalah Appreciation




Yud Chet mem 64

Mem Chet Yud

Kabbalah Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light




Vuv bet Chet 68

Chet Bet Vuv

Kabbalah Contacting Departed Souls




Final Mem Vuv mem 72

Mem Vuv Final Mem

Kabbalah Spiritual Cleansing



To learn how to wield the power of the 72 Names, together with the purposes of which they can be used, I recommend The 72 Names of God:  Technology of the Soul.

For specific medications for each I recommend They have an amazing iPod ap so you can take it with you any where you go.

For a very inclusive listing of each of the Power's or Choir of Virtues from the 72 names (Angels) of God. I recommend &