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Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale - 5.5mm sterling silver
Judaic or Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters for sale

72 Names (Angels) of God Jewelry

72 names of GOD

Names (Angels) of God Jewelry

Here is listing of a few of the Power's or Choir of Virtues from the 72 names (Angels) of God. I collected this information from deferent sources in books and on the interent. Please let me know if I missed anything. (There are varying 'spellings' of each letter.)

These letter blocks can be worn on a necklace or a bracelet for a man or a woman. The blocks are 5.5mm sterling silver with letters on all 4 sides.


Necklace or Bracelet?

You may choose any necklace or bracelet design on this website and put the Hebrew Letters on it. If a name is not listed below let me know and I can look it up for you.

Yud Lumed Yud / Kabbalah Recaputuring the Sparks
Sumech Yud Tet / Kabbalah Miracle Making
Ayin Lumed Final Mem / Kabbalah Eliminating Negative Thoughts
Mem Hey Shin / Kabbalah Healing
Kuf Hey Tuv / Kabbalah Defusing Negative Energy & Stress
Aleph Lumed Dulet / Kabbalah Protection from the Evil Eye
Hey Hey Ayin / Kabbalah Unconditional Love
Hey Qof Final Mem / Kabbalah Dumping Depression
Kuf Lumed Yud / Kabbalah Fertility
Kabbalah Fertility / Kabbalah Victory over Addictions
Nun Tuv Hey / Kabbalah Speak Your Mind
Shin Aleph Hey / Kabbalah Soul Mate
Qof Vuv Kuf / Kabbalah Sexual Energy
Mem Nun Dulet / Kabbalah Fearless
Yud Yud Zayin / Kabbalah Speaking The Right Words
Hey Hey Hey / Kabbalah Self-esteem
Sumech Aleph Lumed / Kabbalah The Power of Prosperity
Ayin Shin Lumed / Kabbalah Global Transformation
Mem Yud Hey / Kabbalah Unity
Vuv Hey Vuv / Kabbalah Happiness
Ayin Mem Mem / Kabbalah Passion
Mem Bet Hey / Kabbalah Thought into Action
Pey Vuv Yud / Kabbalah Dispelling Anger
Yud Yud Lumed / Kabbalah Letting Go
Ayin Nun Vuv / Kabbalah Appreciation
Mem Chet Yud /Kabbalah Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light
Chet Bet Vuv / Kabbalah Contacting Departed Souls
Mem Vuv Final Mem /Kabbalah Spiritual Cleansing


To learn how to wield the power of the 72 Names, together with the purposes of which they can be used, I recommend The 72 Names of God:  Technology of the Soul.

For specific medications for each I recommend They have an amazing iPod ap so you can take it with you any where you go.

For a very inclusive listing of each of the Power's or Choir of Virtues from the 72 names (Angels) of God. I recommend &